Shine on you crazy diamond

Photographer, Artist lovee Nature ,yoga, Sunny days, flowers, fashion ,drawing ,Making Music ,free spirit, Tattoos,rebellious

Would much rather drink tea,protein shakes n stuff like this than monsters n energy love rasberry flavor n organic :)

lying around in my bed woke up at 5am couldn’t sleep then didn’t want to do anything, I hate this feeling beyond numb… I cant tell if im just upset, sick or just in a funk cuz of last night. or if im just upset I haven’t seen him in so long

Such a beautiful day ,a sweet romantic date with my man ,I look so smitten <3

.rays by .monodrift on Flickr.

that one time I was reallyyy loaded when I used to be in the old apt when goin to uni ,came to realization of everyday life how trapped it is to be in school everyday stuck with a roommate ,stuck and walls small walls also how small those dorms were ,yeah a little small existential crisis


I think people 
spend too much time 
staring into 
computer screens 
and not enough 
time drinking wine 
and tongue kissing
and slow dancing 
under mirror balls.

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