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Dawww so sweet and thoughtful! ^___^ received a thank you card from a coworker ,clearly awesome staff #loved#blessed#smiles#teacherappreciationweek
Sometimes you just gotta go on hike ,clear your mind <3 #dayoff#hiking#escape#beautifuldayout

im excited nervous anxious

Looks like im gonna be going to move within the next months,if I end up moving in with my love as he made it official for me to move in with him , it still in progress but at least im fucking ecstatic to wake up to him everyday in his [OUR] little getaway house. life feels surreal and last night was magical spending quality time <3 it feel like a dream…………imexcited for the  future words cant express. LOve is waking up to someone everyday n being waking up ecstatic,in each others arms kissing,being there for each other in the hardship and thru good.


35mm by Δpple bed on Flickr.

listening to a guy friends new songs from their new band and its making me nostalgic and happy and miss them .